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  • Living Fragrance Free

    A significant and growing number of people suffer from sensitivity to solvents, coal tar and petroleum products including perfume and fragrance. These chemicals act not only as respiratory irritants, but also as cardiac stimulants (sky rocketing blood pressure, palpitations) and neurotoxins (symptoms include tremors, mental confusion, equilibrium loss, blurred vision). Exposure to small amounts of these chemicals can cause symptoms. This is not a preference issue - it is a serious health issue. Chemical sensitivity results from long term exposure to solvents and products in doses thought to be safe: this could happen to any one of us. I was over 40 when the symptoms first occurred.

    Because a dance hall is an enclosed spaces, even small amounts of fragrance, scented or toxic products on a few people can add up quickly to intolerable amounts. The motion and heat of dancing increases the dispersion and effect. Even when I cannot smell the fragrance at the dance, it clings to clothing. I notice it when I remove my t-shirt. Our fellow dancers with chemical sensitivities can attend only if we all work together to reduce the amount of toxic chemicals. I frequently have to leave dances because of excessive fragrance. Fragrance-free soap, laundry detergent, shampoo, conditioner and skin lotion should be used.

    This is my selection of products for living as near to fragrance-free as possible. If you have additional products, email them to the webmaster.

       Hand and bath soap - Dove and Ivory have acceptable fragrance free soaps. Basis fragrance free is better but not readily available.
       Body Wash and Shampoo - Atsko Body Wash and Shampoo is excellent. It was developed to remove fragrances and chemicals left by other products.
       Shampoo and conditioner - I need a dandruff shampoo, so I use Head and Shoulders or Pert (both scented) followed by Earth Sciences shampoo, Atsko shampoo, and Earth Sciences conditioner.
       Hair Spray - Magick Botanicals has a fragrance free hair spray along with a wide variety of fragrance free products.
       Shaving - Aveeno shaving gel and skin lotion.
       Bath oil - Kiss My Face (herbal scent) but I never have a problem.
       Deodorant - Kiss My Face, Le Stick or Earth Sciences Liken Plant.
       Laundry detergent - Fragrance free All, Cheer and Seventh Generation are acceptable but I prefer Atsko Sensi-Clean.
       Dish washing - Seventh Generation, sink and washer.
       Unscented Products distributes a variety of fragrance free products.

       Nasal spray - Frequent use of a saline (non-mediacted) nasal spray helps.
       Medication - Butabital helps some for neurotoxins symptoms.

       Fragrance - If you must wear a fragrance, use an essential oil with a very delicate pure herbal or floral scent.

    The "Ban Perfume" image is available as a button. Email webmaster if you would like one (or more is you are willing to distribute them at your dances).

    Here are a few links to other Fragrance Free sites.

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